About J.B. Dillon

Our Boots

The best leather, combined with the finest craftsmanship.

Our top-notch manufacturing facilities in León, Mexico employ a team of master boot makers who know everything there is to know about making handmade boots.

Not all leather makes the cut. In fact, most leather isn’t good enough to make it. We don’t allow any scratches, scuffs, or imperfections. Our buyers know to look for the highest-quality leather, so when it’s being stitched, sewn, and hammered into your new pair of J.B. Dillon boots, you’re getting the best product we can make

Our People

A happy team, dedicated to a premium experience.

At J.B. Dillon, we know that boots are personal, whether you wear them on the ranch, to the office, or just for fun. That’s why every single part of our process is dedicated to serving our customers, and making sure you’re satisfied with your boot experience.

If you’ve never owned a pair of western boots before, feel free to hit us up in the chat window. We can help you find the right size, give you tips on how to care for your boots, and even help you style a specific outfit.

We think boots should work with everything—from a Sunday brunch to your wedding day. We want to be here for you.

Our Story

In 1978 our founder Rick Blase was just 23 years old, with 72 pairs of boots, a storefront in Youngstown, Ohio, and a dream. 

Dedicated to outstanding customer service, high-quality western boots, and a wide variety of selection – Rick’s Ranchwear was a hit.

In 1992 Rick began to see that the handmade boot market was shrinking in favor of mass-produced, lower quality boots. Not willing to sacrifice the quality his customers had come to expect, Rick decided the only way forward was to set out to become one of the best boot manufacturers in the world.  

His quest for excellence led him to León, Mexico, a city with international acclaim for handmade leather production. It was there that Rick designed his first line of boots using only high quality leathers and hiring only the best expert craftsmen available. And with that –  the J.B. Dillon brand was born.

Now, with over one million pairs of J.B. Dillon boots manufactured and sold in retail stores, we’re on a mission to provide that same amazing customer experience to our online shoppers.  Our dedicated team of passionate boot professionals is based in the U.S.A. and is proud to ship to all 50 states.

And Rick?  He’s still running the show and making sure the customer comes first, every day.